Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Party at Home

These 2 photos are of our nibbles for the day. We had some cheese, apricot balls, marshmallows,etc. The people in the photos are Cindy, Jeanette, Denis and Marg.
This is what Denis had on his plate for lunch. For lunch we had ham, chicken and salads. It was yummie but I ate too much. What is new.  LOL
 Here is some more photos of lunch time. You can Barb,Marg,Cindy, Darryl on the left. On the right is Denis Jeanette and Helen. And guess who didn't get their photo taken.  LOL

Cindy brought this for dessert. Her Mum helped her make it. It was very yummie. She had to leave some behind for me. She has to bring it next year.
And Marg brought this along. Marg has to make this every year for Cath. But Cath couldn't make it this year. Oh dear Cath missed out.  LOL It is very sweet. I had one piece.
Here we are saying cheers to Cath and Ronnie who couldn't be there.
Barb is having a slice of Marg slice. She is really enjoying it. I said to her how could she tease Cath doing that. I can hear Cath now. LOL We all had a lovely day. I had Helen as my partner and I forgot to take a photo of what I gave her,. I gave Helen a Iced Friut Cake. I iced it but didn't make it. Marg made it for me. I also gave her a box with cards in. Well that is all for now. Tomorrow I will take a photo what Marg gave me.


  1. Good to see you have your blog up again, was a fantastic day. Darryl was asking me if I enjoyed my day and I said of course and he said, That's good, do you want to join me there again next year. His way of saying he had a really good day darl. Thank you for hosting it again Maree and Denis. xx

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Oh I can just hear Mum too when she reads this post!! I bet she is bummed that she missed the party.....and that delicious looking slice!

    1. I think she would of Louella. Heading out their tomorrow to see them. And taking their goodies.

  3. Ha Ha I did get a piece of Marg's slice.... But it took me two attempts to eat one piece. Meds have put me off eating sweet things...... Sorry we missed the day, but I was just too crook then to be able to sit and enjoy myself... feeling heaps better now though and I am looking forward to next year's do.........

  4. Yummy looking food, Maree! Jeanette sent me the link to your blog :-)